Private Companies

Every business, large or small eventually needs a tool to keep track of some type of event or needs a system to ticket special events.  Our tool gives businesses the ability to load up everything they want their customers, suppliers or employees to be able to reserve.  From Hotel rooms, transportation, team building events, conference registrations, or even meal choices, anything is possible.  We’ll show you how to plan for every eventuality and how to make your events more fun and less stressful.



We’ve got the ultimate tool for the Hotel and Resort Sales and Marketing Teams. Imagine offering every client that signs a contract with you, the ability to have a branded and customized portal for their attendees to register on. Every group that registers can be branded with the hotel’s information in a fun and easy to use “white label” format. Imagine the phone calls to your reservations teams that a tool like this could save and imagine the advantage it gives you over your competitors. With an annual contract, you can make this great value-added tool to any group coming to your property.

We currently service hotels, golf courses, ski resorts and other resort-style businesses.

The ultimate tool for Resort Sale and Marketing teams.

  • Take the advantage over the competition and offer something they don’t
  • Offer every group their own “branded” registration portal
  • Save thousands of phone calls
  • Hotels, Golf courses, ski resorts, spas, or virtually any resort style business

Conferences and Conventions

From small in-house sales meeting to City-Wide Conventions with thousands of attendees, we’ve got the solution for everyone.  Inventory control is a big part of our large group systems, we’ll make sure that you never oversell your event and that you can offer a wide variety of options to choose from.

  • Register for conferences, meal functions, power, AV, Internet, and booth extra’s
  • Add your blocked hotel space to the registration tools-room reservations sent instantly to your host hotels
  • Add as many off-site meetings or activities as you need
  • Add transportation options to your event. Our systems control every seat on a bus, or even a chartered aircraft!
  • Ticket special events or fundraising/charity activities


Leisure Groups

There are so many of these types of groups, and most want the ability to offer special options to their attendees.  From rooms and transportation to off-site activities and even meal choices.  We can offer one-off choices or you can even provide packaged or bundled options and let you attendees choose the options that fit them best.

  • Weddings
  • Family Reunions
  • Golf Groups
  • Ski Clubs
  • Class Reunions
  • Government groups
  • Incentive-based rewards trips with tiered options


Offer your customers the ability to choose from multiple ticket types, while providing and instant purchase of confirmation.  Our inventory control helps you know in real time what your pickup looks like and where you need to put extra marketing effort in.  Your security protocols can be integrated into our systems, and we can provide customers with your unique identifier or barcoded products.

  • Large or small events
  • Concerts, sporting events, trade shows, fairs or Charity events
  • Real time ticketing, full inventory control
  • Barcoding, QR or traditional
  • Integration with POS (custom jobs)


No matter what your mode is, we can help you keep track of getting there.  Planes, Trains, or busses, our inventory control, and transportation module is the perfect tool for letting your customers get to a from anywhere.  From one-off routes to full season shuttle services, this is the most customizable reservation system on the market.

  • Charter planes, busses or any ground transportation
  • Full seat control, never oversell a seat
  • Charge your attendees a fee to ride, or just let them reserve
  • Provide your transportation vendors with real-time manifests
  • Take the headache out of this normally painful process and start offering it more!

Charitable Organizations

Whether it be a fundraising dinner, a charity golf tournament, or any other event geared towards your charity, we can help craft the right site to keep track of your commitments, donations and any other pledges to help.

  • Collect donations
  • Reserve tables at charity dinners
  • Reduce costs by automating most of your event-GIVE MORE BACK!
  • Have real-time records of everyone and their pledge
  • We can even send any receipt/tax documents needed instantly to cut down on more work

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